Question by  Elle88 (36)

What is the value of an 1857 Flying Eagle Center in mint condition?

We found one in my great grandfather's things. The coin does not appear to have every been circulated.


Answer by  JohnHolmes (2660)

It mint state it can sell for as much as $5000. You will need to take it to a specialist to have it graded and then you will have the information to get an exact price estimate.


Answer by  ace99reaper (46)

the value of a 1857 flying eagle center is worth somewhere between four and five thousand dollars depending on the condition it is in and what class of mint it is graded at and also depends on what state it was issued to and also depends if it is certified mint


Answer by  svwhawk (17)

Minting quality of the 1857 Flying Eagle was uneven, making appearance a pricing factor,as well as condition.Your coin, if in extremely fine, circulated condition sells for 130 dollars, while an uncirculated coin is worth between four thousand and 30,000dollars. The higher value is reserved for a coin with a bold strike and visible red and blue tones,(M65).


Answer by  Reckless (49)

Most of these coins will sell for about fifteen to twenty-five dollars. However, one in mint condition could fetch a good amount more than that. without seeing the actual coin it would be hard to tell. I would take it to a dealer.

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