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Question by  bapadget (25)

What is the value of a 1856 flying eagle cent?


Answer by  Katmoto (13)

The highest known value I could find was $29,325. This was in extremely fine condition. It had very sharp, clear die marks believed to be the result of being one of the first strikings from the Snow 5 dies.


Answer by  tabish20 (50)

'The 1856 Flying Eagle Cent' has risen from $300 (in 1954) to $6500 now and it is in good condition. Also it would go up as it is expected.


Answer by  nixx (78)

I have read that the value today of an 1856 flying eagle cent is $6500. And if it is in certified MS66 condition the value is $175,000. Many use 1858 coins as a counterfeit.


Answer by  jogosamba (85)

According to the US Coin Value Advisor, the 1956 flying eagle cent piece in good condition is worth about $6500 in 2010.

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