Question by  anilyps (12)

What is the value of a Flying Eagle Penny?

The date is 1856.


Answer by  TomBergeron (66)

That is actually not the rarity some people think it is - it is in fact the "most available pattern ever made in the United States" per at least one source I looked at. With that said, the 1856 could be worth $6500 or more if it's not a forgery. It probably is a forgery, though.


Answer by  leilich (247)

An 1856 Flying Eagle Penny could be worth $5,000 to a collector or much more if it is in mint condition. You probably would not receive nearly that if you try to sell it to a dealer. The coins were stuck three years but the 1856 coin was a very limited experiment. That is why it is valuable.


Answer by  Ironlion45 (35)

An 1856 penny in very good condition can go for more than $1000; however finding a buyer willing to pay this price is extremely uncommon. A circulated, worn penny will most likely only go for 10's of dollars.


Answer by  EnergyRat (39)

your semi-rare coin is worth $43.63. I came accross this number on ebay. I assume this value is very close to accurate because, Ebay demonstrates the process of supply and demand for specialty goods. Maybe worth less. This is a beautiful coin that anyone would be happy to own for many years to come.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

An 1856 Flying Eagle can be worth anywhere from 250.00 to 5000.00 depending on the condition of the coin. It will bring more at an auction house


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

This could be worth about 50 bucks or more. It also depends on how much your collector is willing to pay for it. A good idea might be to put it on Ebay and see how much people are willing to bid for your penny. That is the best technique.


Answer by  Chanel17 (15)

All depends on whether you find the right collector or now. Personally I would pay say $10 maybe, but you might find better buyers on ebay, as sometimes collectors go on there to search for unique pieces. Yours might just interest them.

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