Question by  friday (31)

What is the true sabbath day according to the bible, is it sunday or saturday?


Answer by  fatherpaul (36)

According to the Old Teatament, the seventh day is the Sabbath or day of rest consecrated in commemoration of the rest the Lord took in work of creation. New Testament worship of Jesus as Christ took place on the first day because this is the day of the resurrection. Thus, Saturday is Sabbath and Sunday is the Lord's Day.


Answer by  Chris (71)

The actual Sabbath is on Saturday. However, when you are a follower of Christ, you actually worship on what the New Testament refers to as "The Lord's Day". This is on Sunday. There is actually no specific mention of what day church services for Christians are to be held.


Answer by  Kaylene (93)

The sabbath is on the seventh day when in Genesis after creating the earth there was a day of rest. The calendars have been modified over time leaving some to feel the sabbath should be on the last day of the week on the calender, while others feel it should be on Sunday.

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