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Question by  feduo8 (25)

What is the treatment for food poisoning?

Can you make it get over quickly?


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

The best thing for food poisoning is to be monitored in a hospital, set up with fluids so you're not dehydrating, and possibly pumping your stomach if really severe.


Answer by  Jodie (551)

If it is truly food poisoning that you have, you will probably have to go to the doctor for a shot to stop the vomiting and diarrhea. The shots should quickly stop the symptoms and after some rest for about a day you should feel fine. You really need a shot because you can get dehydrated quickly.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

No you will need to wait it out. Normally you vomit and have loose stools and then get over it with in 24 hours.


Answer by  dyingneko (199)

Firstly you must be sure that You feel bad really because of the food. Then You must go to the doctor and he will give you right medicine.

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