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Question by  jennybop (254)

What is the difference between the symptoms of food poisoning and a stomach virus?

My husband thinks he had food poisoning.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The symptoms are pretty much the same. A doctor could probably tell the difference. Any of these symptoms such as severe vomiting and diarrhea that last for more than two days should be medically evaluated as dehydration is a threat.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The symptoms are pretty much the same and even some doctors have a hard time telling the difference. If he ate something bad, it's probably food poisoning.


Answer by  cafish (2035)

Stomach flu has ordinary symptoms such as cramps, fever, and diarrhea. Problems from poisoning can occur in thirty minutes after eating affected food. Symptoms are more severe and they last for a longer time. Complications from poisoning can result in hospitalization and loss of life.


Answer by  Jodie (551)

If the vomiting and diarrhea began 12 hours after eating the suspect food, it is probably food poisoning. It is much more serious than a virus.

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