Question by  Elise (12)

What is the treatment for a Jack Russell Terrier with a bladder illness?


Answer by  Bariball (16)

It depends on the illness. If it is a bladder infection, your dog will require either liquid or tablet antibiotics 2 or 3 times a day.


Answer by  mb (5482)

If it is a bladder infection the vet can give you antibiotics that will clear it up. If it is early or late stage renal disease you will have to carefully control his water and sodium intake.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

The treatment for a bladder disorder in dogs is usually antibiotics. If that fails the vet will do tests to determine the cause and further treatment of the disease.


Answer by  prissymissy (1895)

You will need to take the dog to the vet to make sure you get the correct diagnosis and treatment. This is very important, you cannot diagnosis and treat the dog without the vet's assistance. You can take the dog to your regular vet, there is not need to take it to the emergency vet.


Answer by  keiki (1376)

The first thing to do is make sure there are no bladder stones blocking the bladder. Start the dog on antibiotics because often bladder illnesses are caused by infection. After the infection is treated, it is important to take steps to prevent another one. One good way of doing this is feeding a special food that doesn't contain certain things.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

You should talk to your vet about the best treatment plan for your Jack Russel. There are several options for treating bladder illness, the most common being antibiotics. If the bladder illness is chronic, switching food can help prevent the buildup of crystals and can help prevent further bladder illness.


Answer by  jill3890 (3)

you could try and give him or her cranberry pills or alot of water. maybe a visit to the vet

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