Question by  flickr (19)

What are the characteristics of a long haired Jack Russell terrier?


Answer by  amanda5618 (48)

They are generally very intelligent and easily trainable. They are very hyper and require a lot of exercise. They are loyal and loving to their humans.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

This dog is sturdy and robust in appearance. They are fearless but they don't bark much. Primarily white, he may have black or tan markings or a three color coat. This dog's coat sheds constantly. He has a keen alert expression and is very intelligent. A loving and gentle breed, it is recommended for children over eight years old.


Answer by  billfrist (99)

They need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. They are intelligent and trainable, but they can be stubborn. They need a job to do. They are working dogs. They excel at dog sports such as agility, flyball, and disc dog. They have a high prey drive.


Answer by  ramoskenneth285 (631)

A very athletic dog,that have a small and compact body with smooth and wire haired varieties.They can live for 13-15 years and known for no common health problems.


Answer by  gbella (216)

All jack russells are incredibly active and energetic. They are usually pleasant and playful but will require a large amount of exercise every day.


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

If you get the dog as a puppy and raise it the dog will be great but I do know it is really hard to convinc them not to chew but they are playful and pleasant to have around.

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