Question by  kim (23)

What is the old capital of Brazil?

I need the old, or original, capital of Brazil.


Answer by  sajanjiv (85)

Brasilia is the name of the old capital of Brazil. It is not the capital of that country now. Now it is Rio de Jeneiro

Reply by Andersen (628):
This is incorrect. Brasilia is still the capital and succeeded Rio de Janeiro as the capital in the 60s.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
acutally it is the other way around, Brasilia is the current capital of Brazil, and it was originally Rio de Jeneiro. They changed to Brasilia in the 70's  add a comment

Answer by  TZ16 (367)

There have been three capitals of Brazil. Since 1960, Brasilia has been the current capital. Between 1763 and 1960, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil. From 1549 to 1763, Salvador (or Salvador de Bahia) was the capital of Brazil.

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