Question by  danceur (210)

What is traditional bartender clothing?

I got a new job and that's the dress code. What is that?


Answer by  alg (11)

Traditional bartender clothing usually just consists of casual clothes. Some places may give you certain shirts that you have to wear some nights of the week. Otherwise, bartenders usually just wear jeans and a cute shirt, or a sports jersey/shirt if there is a game on when they are working.


Answer by  dakotalee (126)

Bartenders should be clean shaven, wear tidy proper neat clothing, no ripped T-Shirts, dirty runners, etc. Clothing that is dark in color and will hide stains from spilt drinks etc.


Answer by  Anonymous

TRADITIONAL wears a white shirt and either a bow-tie or a standard tie tucked into his shirt at mid chest, a (dress) vest, dark trousers, and either a white bartending jacket or a white apron, lace-up polished dark shoes. Clean shaven or moustache. And carries a handkercheif.

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