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Question by  Gisela (25)

What is the temperament of a Bichon Frise?

My daughter is one year old. Would that be a good puppy for her to have?


Answer by  SandeepDamodharan (6)

Of course. Because Bichons love to give and receive affection. They are very tolerant and well-behaved with children.These dogs truly love attention and human companionship. They like being with family, like to be taken places and really like to be held.


Answer by  writtenthin (19)

With all breeds there is the danger of temperment issues. To ensure the right pet for your family, consider fostering a puppy before purchasing the animal. Having the animal in the home can help you judge whether that particular animal is safe. Having the pet from a young age also makes the pet more easily trained and acclimated.


Answer by  Padmavathi (13)

It is easily adaptable breed. But difficult to find. It is a friendly dog. It can be trained easily. si it is safe to have Bichon Frise breed puppy for your daughter .


Answer by  bala14 (2)

The Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy, little dog . this dog will be perfect for your girl. it can be good friend . and the round eyes are black or dark brown. The ears are dropped covered in long hair. The teeth should meet in a scissors bite.

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