Question by  Mitz (36)

What is the standard height for a bar?


Answer by  rehantayyar (43)

Usually the height for a standard bar is between 40 and 42 inches across the world that serves both seated and standing users. With a bar stool of the proper height it is comfortable to sit at a 42 inches bar and also comfortable for people to lean against.


Answer by  Arioch (190)

The Standard counter height of a Bar similar to that found in a pub or similar environment should be between forty two to forty eight inch depending on the Bar Stool height. The usual height is forty two inch following this the bar stools are generally to be found in the twenty eight to thirty inch range


Answer by  champaign9497 (11977)

Most bars I have seen are usually between three and four feet high thats why a bar stool is so high.


Answer by  jedm2010 (10)

It would be about four feet and six inches high.Because the average person is about five feet six inches.the reason for this heighth is so it's not oncomfortable for everyone.

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