Question by  cdavid (30)

What is the standard BTUS for a gas dryer?

I need the btus for gas dryers.


Answer by  Jero (15)

A typical gas dryer for home use has a drying capacity of between 3 to 7 cubic feet. The gas used to dry clothes at the top end is about 22,000 btu/hr and since the average household runs the dryer about 250 hours, thats 5.5 million BTU's per year.


Answer by  mb (5482)

The British Thermal Units for dryers depend on the dryers size. Most standard dryers are 25 to 50 BTUs. Larger industrial dryers have highter BTU ratings.


Answer by  xeroblade56 (97)

According to Multi-housing Laundry Association , they use an average of 17,000 BTU per cycle. Since this is the average, you may get dryers that perform above or below this number. Also you might want to consider a electric dryer if your area has very, very high gas costs per BTU

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