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Question by  mookey7 (27)

What is the slowest time of year at the Disney parks?


Answer by  lisagreets (14)

Both parks can be pretty crowded year round,but the slowest times are in the Spring (the week after Spring break) and during January or February. These are the best times to visit both Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Late August is also recommended, when everyone with kids is getting ready to go back to school.


Answer by  Taytotot (314)

One of the best times to visit Disney to avoid the crowds is the week after Labor day when children are all back in school. I have also found the week before Thanksgiving to be very slow because many people plan around a holiday.


Answer by  Kathy1972 (40)

Most Disney veterans would probably say that January has pretty low crowds, as well as February and early March. (You must avoid President's Day in February, and Easter if it falls in early March.) Then, after the summer rush, late August, all of September, and most of October are also less busy, but you must avoid Labor Day.


Answer by  Kathy1972 (40)

January 2 through the first week of February, late August through the end of September, and the period of time between the Monday after Thanksgiving and the week before Christmas.


Answer by  turker (142)

The slowest time is November, usually the week after Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorations are up, the parks are beautiful, and even though it is still crowded, there are still fewer people there. Other good times are the last part of January, and early September. The weather is also much better during these dates.


Answer by  jyuichi (3)

Disney parks are the busiest when children are out of school, these breaks include summer, Christmas to Martin Luther King day, and Easter time. The best time to visit is late September to early November. There is an exception though, the parks can get very crowded during the Halloween events.

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