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Question by  baby75 (126)

Is November a good time to visit Walt Disney world?

I would like to visit Disney World at a time that it is not too busy.


Answer by  morgan420 (34)

November is a GREAT time to visit. The weather is usually perfect! Crowds are much lighter and you don't usually have to wait very long to get on premiere rides. Also, if you choose to also go to Epcot, the Food and Wine Festival takes place at the beginning of November and it adds to the whole experience!


Answer by  vietnamgirls (1177)

November is a great time to visit Living in Florida I can tell you that standing in line in summer heat is no fun. By November it is quite comfortable.


Answer by  abarnhart023 (8)

November is a great time to visit Walt Disney world. Not only is it not crowded with the summertime visitors but it is also a more comfortable temperature. A trip during this time could be a wonderful gift for members of the family.


Answer by  starstuff (36)

November is definitely a great time to visit Walt Disney World, as long as you avoid the week of Thanksgiving.


Answer by  moteviolence (30)

I think Disney World would be a great time to visit Disney World, as it's cooler weather and many people don't want to be outside in it.

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