Question by  zach (27)

What day of the week is the least crowded at Disney World?

It's probably the same for all amusement parks and theme parks.


Answer by  arielmorris (6)

The least crowded days are Tuesdays through Thursdays. This could be due to adults have to work during the week and not able to take their children until the weekend.


Answer by  Disneyphan (529)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays all seem to tie as the least crowded days at Disney World. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are always crowded as these are the days people mostly have off from work and can bring their families. Although you would not think it, Monday is quite busy as it is a day people use to extend their weekends.


Answer by  Laquesha (61)

The least crowded day at Disney World, or for any amusement park for that matter would have to be Tuesday.


Answer by  lovebug2421 (189)

Try to avoid weekends and times when children are out of school, i.e. spring break, summer recess, winter holiday. These are the times when the parks will be more crowded due to vacationing families. Weekends will also be busier because families who live close to the park may choose to visit.


Answer by  SavaFiend76 (72)

Day of the week doesn't really matter. However to avoid crowds on certain weekdays, go to the park that does NOT have early admission (those days draw the most crowds). Early entry days are Monday and Thursday for Magic Kingdom, Tuesday and Friday for Epcot, Sunday at Disney/MGM.


Answer by  eyeguy (3760)

There are several websites which have researched theme parks. Thursdays are the least busiest days and of course Saturdays are the most crowded.


Answer by  worker67 (30)

Disney World is usually not as crowded on Sunday morning as on other days of the week due to people going to church sevices.


Answer by  Sylar (29)

Why, the answer to this question is quite obviously Christmas day. And especially when it has been snowing or raining heavily.

Reply by MickeyandMini (0):
How do you vote down? Christmas Day is one of the few days where Magic Kingdom park typically reaches capacity early in the day. Christmas Eve through New Years Day are the most popular days of the year to visit Disney World...  add a comment

Answer by  tampaparadise (6)

Visit Disney World on Monday so you can enjoy it much more. Less traffic and wait times can be found.


Answer by  Denardo (22)

There is no day which is least crowded, If you want to go while it is less crowded try during the weekdays and during a non traditional holiday time.

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