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Question by  mhms (24)

Which Disney Parks are the best?


Answer by  bo (874)

All Disney parks are great. If you are in California, Disneyland is the best. If you are in Orlando, then you should definitely visit Disney World. It has the most rides. If you want an educational experience and not a lot of rides, visit Epcot. MGM is geared towards movies. The Animal and Water parks are also fun.


Answer by  mstngpam (304)

Animal Kingdom is over all, heads above the rest of Disney Parks. Offering this type of natural enviroment and up close encounters gives opportunities for visitors to experience once in a life time events. How many chances would one have to experience the jungle while riding down the street in their cars?


Answer by  happystarfruit (29)

Magic Kingdom is always great since it's the original park, it's fun for everybody. It's got rides for the kids and adults enjoy them too. Animal Kingdom is also very fun because of the atmosphere and animals of the park.


Answer by  worker9369 (22)

Each Disney Park has it's own unique theme, rides and entertainment. All of the parks are exceptional, but picking the best is a matter of personal preference. Even within families, everyone will not agree on which park is the best. You will probably like something about each one, but you will also have dislikes for each.

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