Question by  Online (11)

How do you put the lines on a concrete basketball court?

We have built my son a concrete basketball court and need to put lines on to indicate where the free throw line is etc.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

Chalk is the most obvious answer, but make sure it's high end chalk because if not, it will just come off. Another method could be to use heavy duty tape.


Answer by  lamb4life (11)

First you want to use either paint or chalk and make sure that you have the write measurements that is needed for basketball court. Best thing to use when you are using paint is use a paint roller.


Answer by  MjsMom (6)

I suggest either researching the measurements used on regulation courts and using those or creating your own. You'll want to clean the surface first (by power washing or tri-sodium phosphate). Next, seal and prime the floor. After, paint in your choice of color adding coats as necessary. Enjoy!


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

First find out the exact distance away from the baseline where the free throw line should be. In order to paint the line straight, tape down 2 pieces of cardboard on both sides of where you want the line, this way if you mistakenly paint outside your desired area, the excess paint will go on the cardboard not the concrete.


Answer by  ChieBringino (149)

If it is a half-court set up you would need to draw out lines for the free-throw and the three point area since these are essential for checking the ball per possession. It may be slightly smaller than a regular half court.


Answer by  bb0603 (208)

I just got a new basketball court and for my lines i put paint on. The paint worked great. If you do not feel good about paint then you can use calk.


Answer by  Danielle31 (39)

Different stores, such as Walmart and Dick's sell kits to paint lines on a court. The kit comes with string and chalk, the chalk leaves marks on the concrete so you know where to paint the lines.


Answer by  williamprimusyahoocom (5)

you should get a paint and paint your concrete basketball court so that you could start playing basketball first you paint the free throw line and next the three point line then last the center line where you can make the jump ball line in the center to start putting lines you must get a paint brush and a paint.

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