Question by  jerseygirl (48)

What is the significance of the pig in pagan or wiccan culture?


Answer by  toastedcheese (216)

In Celtic mythology, pigs are associated with the Otherworld (the world of the gods and magic). In the Welsh Mabinogion, pigs are a gift from the Otherworld, and in several texts powerful wild boars are hunted by heroes in legendary quests. Neo-pagans might use this symbolism in their own worship practices.


Answer by  sandshire (20)

I have read much of Wicca and have long considered myself Pagan with aspirations of initiation into a Wiccan coven one day, and I have not heard of any pig having any sort of significance in any rituals or holidays. It could be a symbol of something for divination, but divination is not strictly a Pagan practice.

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