Question by  Robinsbooks (164)

What is the significance of the high priestess, the hierophant, and the ten of cups?


Answer by  dpboris (383)

The high priestess symbolizes the principle of non-acting (staying passive), turning to your own imagination and inner thoughts, understanding possibilities and sensing the mysterious. The hierophant symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge, conforming, having a belief system and identifying with a group. The ten of cups signifies the experiencing of peace and feeling of joy. It also symbolizes the family.


Answer by  dholmes (82)

The High Priestess represents knowledge, intuition, psychic ability and a link to the unconscious mind. The High Priestess signifies the ability to teach and learn. The Hierophant represents law, respect, traditions, knowledge, and spiritual power. The Hierophant signifies ritual and routine. The 10 of Cups represents stability, harmony, reflection, abundance and community. The 10 of Cups signifies joy and peace.

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