Question by  williamsjh (33)

What does the heel cup do in gymnastics?

My daughter's coach said she should wear a heel cup.


Answer by  lemonlai (7)

A heel cup is a soft foam thing that is use to put in the gymnastic shoes or tape it to the heels to absorb shock after tumbling or jumping during a gymnastic practice. It helps to prevent any further injury to the foot or calf since practicing gymnastics has a lot of tumbling and jumping stunts.


Answer by  vivalavida88 (62)

Heel cups can prevent bruising to the heels and can absorb some of the shock on landings.There is usually no deduction for wearing them.


Answer by  Dudeman (55)

The heel cup helps absorb shock to the feet from tumbling and it helps cushion the heel making movement less painful for gymnasts with foot injuries or developing foot injuries.


Answer by  simna (473)

Heel cup is very easy to use. It is a soft foam thing which is used in gymnastic shoes to give a support to the heel while practicing gymnastics.


Answer by  Rachel25 (49)

Heel cups are meant to support and cushion the heel. They are used because if a gymnast is experiencing chronic pain in their heel.


Answer by  Cecilia (2828)

A heel cup is a device that fits inside your shoe to give added cushion or support to the heel. This would be a good thing for a young girl.

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