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Question by  razaqmoidey (51)

What is the sharpest knife known?

I need some new knives for my kitchen and would like them to be sharp.


Answer by  Maria26 (185)

Kasumi knives are the sharpest knives because they can cut through steel, concrete blocks, and still cut a tomato without leaving jagged edges. These Kasumi knives come in a set, and are great kitchen knives since they can cut just about anything. Steak, vegetables, bone, fruit, and other soft foods. This knife can cut anything.


Answer by  Arque (81)

While on a cellular level Obsidian would be, practically the ceramic knives are actually extremely sharp. I myself have Kyocera Advanced Ceramic knives and they are the sharpest I've used.


Answer by  Cheferoo (6)

Kyocera has knives that are one of the sharpest. However, you must know that with use, all knives will dull. You can take them to a knife sharpener!


Answer by  HUNM25 (713)

Well the best type of knives are made by hell's kitchen. They are great and used on Chef Ramsey's show as well. I think you can also have Ginsu knives that are also very sharp. Any type of Japanese style knife is considered to be very sharp. It's a controversial issue.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

Supposedly Ginsu knives are the sharpest, they used to sell them on informercials pretty much nightly. I haven't seen them for a while but you might be able to find them online. Sears also has a line of knives that never have to be sharpened. They are a little spendy but have a guarantee.


Answer by  bananaboat (321)

Probably the sharpest knives you can get would be Wusthof santoku or kasumi knives. These are a Germand brand of Japanese-style knives.

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