Question by  thewee (35)

What is the right wire size for a 100 amp branch sub panel?

I need to purchase wires for a 100 amp branch sub panel.


Answer by  m3ta4 (774)

You have two options as far as wire size for that sub panel. #4 copper or #2 aluminum are your choices. The pros and cons vary for each type. One of the main factors is cost.


Answer by  Stardancer (295)

Since the sub-panel is a branch circuit panel board, and is assumed to be between the service disconnect and the main panel board. The National Electrical Code requires #4 copper wire for the 100 amp service.


Answer by  raymaas15 (21)

You would need 4 gauge wire if you plan on running it up to 12 feet.12 gauge wire would work in a setup under 2 feet of wire.If you want to run the wire two to eleven feet then it would be a good idea to use eight gauge wire.


Answer by  blais (55)

2 gauge would suffice for a certain distance but the farther you go the less amps you will be able to draw and the less device you can run.


Answer by  hems (160)

For 100 amp branch sub panel the size of the wire preferred is #4 gauge ution should be taken that the wire should be sufficient to be laid between the main panel board and the point of service disconnect. #4 copper wire or #2 aluminum wire can be used for this sub panel.


Answer by  RyHeab (54)

8 guage will do the trick. Just remember the bigger the better. If you go to small there could be a fire hazard with wires getting hot.


Answer by  Aaron12 (70)

Well a #4 copper will do the trick. You want to use this type because it conducts electricity very well.

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