Question by  linda40 (41)

What is the quickest, easiest way to create a partition in a room?

I want to separate my kids so they'll go to sleep at night.


Answer by  jf12 (179)

Try hanging a sheet between the two beds if you have a way to do it. Use a clothes line.


Answer by  bonobo (79)

The fastest way if looks aren't that important is a wall made from styrofoam boards. Go to Home Depot and buy a stack of 1" or 2" thick 4'x8' styrofoam boards, then cut & tape them together to the required size.


Answer by  psgolightly (20)

The quickest way is to build a wall in dry lining, building of which does not require a tradesman. Erect a stud work wall , use 4x 2 timbers , apply plaster board and inside insolation ( very imortant to reduce sounds ).All material can be purchased from your local diy


Answer by  diezydog (37)

fabric and wood with hindges, create an a square with some wood add fabric over it. make several the same size add hinges to connect them.

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