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Question by  jewels (13)

What is the purpose of weigh stations?

I see them all he time on highways and have never really known what they are there for.


Answer by  secondbanana (289)

They are for the tractor trailers. Each truck can only, legally, carry so much weight. If they carry too much weight they are a danger because they are too heavy to stop and they also do damage to roads and bridges. You only have to weigh your truck when you are directed by a weigh station sign or by police.


Answer by  DesertRat (699)

Highways have weight limits, as do vehicles. If a truck's load weighs more than the truck is rated for, the driver pays a fine. If the truck weighs too much for the road, the driver pays a fine.


Answer by  worker48 (22)

Weigh stations are there to control the weight of trailer trucks to ensure that the total weight transported does not exceed the carrying capaccity of the trailer or the truck pulling it. this is important because an over loaded trailer will compromise the safety as it will adversly affect the vehicle ability to stop and/or drive the trailer.


Answer by  whutt316 (68)

Weigh stations are around to see if the GVWR of a truck is too much to travel down a highway. Roads only withstand so much weight.

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