Question by  thesituation (34)

What is the purpose of ear tapers?

My friends wants them for her birthday.


Answer by  margiep (422)

Tapers are a decorative earring for people with gauged ears. They can either be simply a colored spike or as elaborate as twisted wood with bone inlay.


Answer by  PunkyDoo2 (45)

The purpose of an ear taper is to gradually, and with as little pain as possible, stretch the ear lobe piercing. The term used for taper diameter is "gauge" and refers to the size/diameter measurement. Tapers range from 20 gauge (a post piercing) to 4 inch gauges.


Answer by  Robterminal (64)

the purpose of an ear taper is to gradually stretch a piercing (usually a ear lobe), personally my advice is don't overstretch it i have got 30cm plugs in my ears and i rushed the first couple stretches which can cause permanent cell damage in the area surrounding (it has been known to make the flesh around it die)

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