Question by  LuzLuna (53)

What is the proper way to obtain plum cuttings for replanting?

I need to cut from my plum tree.


Answer by  gardenfairy (58)

Select a branch from the plum tree and make a 45 degree cut 1/2 inch below the node at the end of the branch. Plant the cutting into some good quality potting mix, water, and then seal off the top of the soil to trap the moisture in the soil.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Well you just cut off from the roots and then you put them in for replanting. It's not really a particular method.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

To be successful in replanting, it is important to cut young soft wood with a lot of buds or nodes on the cutting. Don't allow it to dry out. Best time of year is late spring or late fall. It's best to harvest as close to planting as possible. Cut in 6-8 inch lengths.


Answer by  CindyH (30)

Using a sharp knife, cut where the tree branch meets the trunk, almost flush with the tree. Scrape off 1 inch of bark in a gentle, downward manner.


Answer by  mahavin (589)

The plum cuttings for replanting could be done by obtaining the container grown tree, bare rooted tree, growing from seeds or planting cuttings are the mostly followed methods. You can grow native plum for dormant hardwood.


Answer by  subash (67)

Take some containers, fill them with soil, then support them so you can take new branches and bury part of them in the soil they are supposed to grow roots.

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