Question by  faye25 (1)

What is a small yellow fruit that looks like a young plum?

The leaves are thing and long. It grows next to my plum tree. I've only been here 4 months, so I'm thinking they could have developed. My daughter is always trying to eat them.


Answer by  Leslie308 (241)

More than likely it may be a plum tree trying to develop via underground root suckers. I would wait and see if they ripen and you can identify the fruit and until then make sure your daughter steers clear of any sampling.


Answer by  YellowPlum (28)

It may be the edible fruit of the Mirabelle tree. Mirabelle fruit comes into season from July to mid-September. The mirabelle fruit is small and oval in shape, it has a dark yellow complexion and a smooth texture. These fruits are sweet to taste and work well in jams, pies or eaten fresh!

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