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Question by  amazonian (27)

Does mobile home log siding increase the value of the property?

I think maybe improvements have a different impact when it's a mobile home.


Answer by  HelpfulAndy (1107)

It will increase the value somewhat, but not a whole lot because it is a mobile home. Depending on the qaulity of the siding, the new value of your trailer with vary quite a bit. If you use the highest quality of siding, then you can expect to roughly double the value.


Answer by  Franklin43 (15)

Mobile home side will increase the value of the property because all the people can ensure benifits from the society.


Answer by  philg1961 (347)

Log siding should increase the value of a mobile home because it improves the appearnce and the insulation value. If you are using wood log siding (versus vinyl or metal), it will also increase the maintenence. To maintain the appearance, log siding should be stained every five years. At current prices, a $2500 stain jobs amounts to $10/week for life.


Answer by  anand79 (37)

Yes mobile home log siding increase the value of the property because it looks attractive and raise the market value. so it is considered as important to have mobile home log sisding

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