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Question by  jhan (12)

What makes a mobile home become a permanent house?

I would like my mobile home to be a permanent house.


Answer by  turkinforalivin (1279)

A mobile home becomes a permanent house once it has been placed on a foundation and has hookups for both water and electric. The differences are minimal, but that's what constitutes the difference.


Answer by  kipcat (1964)

First, remove the axles and the tongue of the mobile home. Depending on the situation, such as trying to acquire a loan, some lenders require that the home be on a cement block foundation.


Answer by  tschu (417)

To make a mobile home a more perment building most people have them set on blocks and put a skirt around them. There are some who set manufactured homes on a regular foundation also if this is an option for you. Be aware no matter what you do with the home it will always be legally classified as a mobile.

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