Question by  Chelle (21)

What is the proper way to cite a pamphlet in a paper that I'm writing?


Answer by  patti (29325)

It depends on the style guide you're using. It also depends on whether you are citing a single author or an organization. There's no one way to do it.


Answer by  worker2371 (56)

Pamphlet's are cited the same as books. On the work's cited page you would put the authors name (last,first. ), The title followed by a period, Ed. Last,first(editor's name). Where it was published: publisher, year printed. In the paper just put (author) after the quote or information you are using.


Answer by  SandyG (807)

You will list the same elements for a book or magazine article: author, title, subtitles, date of publication, publisher, page numbers. You will also state that it is a pamphlet or periodical. The exact format depends on what standard you are using for your bibliography (such as MLA, ALA, etc. ).

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