Question by  Allie76 (13)

What is the proper way for a 15 year old to dress for a homecoming dance?

My daughter is trying to convince me to purchase her a dress for homecoming that I feel is less than appropriate.


Answer by  Jilly (597)

Dress etiquette seems to be growing more lax all the time, but as your daughter is only 15 keep it appropriate. No cleavage and no dresses shorter than the knee.

Reply by jenawesome (2):
No shorter than 4inches above the knee.  add a comment

Answer by  swimchck101 (49)

I think the proper way is for to dress for a homecoming dance is in something that makes her feel comfortable, but also something that is not too revealing. Although you may not be comfortable with what she wants to wear you have to remember that fashion has changed.


Answer by  Lillian36 (222)

Since you are spending the money, it is all up to you. Generally the types of dresses are princessy or slutty. Something knee-length is classy though.


Answer by  MIMI54 (76)

Something is not too sexy for 15 year old before she can't protect herself and do not need to show up much. A dress without sleeve or short sleeve and cover all her chest and not shorter than her knees. Something's sparkle is bright her up. With that age, she's look beautiful natually

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