Question by  Carrie43 (24)

What is the proper men's attire for the Mormon church?

I will be attending a service soon and want to be properly dressed.


Answer by  butterflyblonde (250)

Nice dress slacks in a dark color with a white shirt and a tie, or full suit with suit coat and all.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

A man's proper outfit for a morman service would be slacks and a tie. Usually dress shirts are worn.A jacket is optional but no tennis shoes. Baggy clothing is discouraged and above all the key is modesty.


Answer by  ataylor (48)

Most men will wear black dress pants, a white collard dress shirt and a tie (color of your choice). Khaki pants and Colored dress shirts are also quite acceptable to wear. As for shoes, black or brown dress shoes are typically worn.


Answer by  ansrgrrl (64)

I'm Mormon, you're welcome no matter how you dress, as long you're modest, men generally wear dress pants and nice shirts, some wear white shirts with ties.

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No one will turn you away by not dressing "the part." However, you will experience social rejection by not adhering the unofficial dress code.  add a comment

Answer by  martin (522)

Proper men's attire is similar to proper attire for any other church service. Dress shoes, dress trousers, button-down shirt and necktie are always appropriate. A blazer or jacket is desirable. It's not necessary to wear a business suit, but it's entirely appropriate if you do so.


Answer by  talisa (137)

It's actually quite simple: tieds, suits, perhaps a sport coat, shined polished shoes; essentially what you would wear to an interview.


Answer by  user123 (50)

You should mainly dress nicely. A suit and tie would be nice, but you can also dress more casually if you like. There aren't necessarily any requirements, but slacks and a nice, button up shirt should be fine.


Answer by  tamkees (3203)

Mormon's dress for church in a way that shows respect for God and the place of the church. A suit or dress pants with shirt and tie are appropriate.


Answer by  godfrey (25)

Men should put on white robe,white cap,white girdle,green apron,white trouser and shirt,white tie,white socks,white slippers or moccasins of sturdy fabrics

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