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Question by  frool (7)

What is the proper treatment for a shoulder blade that is tight?

I hurt it playing basketball I think.


Answer by  Jeremiah (51)

One of the best ways to rehab this would be to either use a foam roller or to use some sort of ball to roll on.


Answer by  MedStudent01 (1131)

Rest it, ice it, and then after a while start exercising it and stretching it out as long as it doesn't hurt. As long as you didn't break anything you should be ok.


Answer by  bujji (133)

There are several stretching and rolling exercises for the tight shoulder blade like shoulder rolls, shoulder blade stretch and neck rolls. Trigger point injections by specialist can be helpful.


Answer by  laura7373 (409)

You need to go to a massage therapist and have them "go under the scapula" to do some masssage and use proper pressure . This will help break up any adhesions and make you more mobile . They will put their fingers under the scapula and lift it gently .

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