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Question by  mturk9000 (33)

What is the proper golf gab set up?

I need to set up my golf bag.


Answer by  Zickafoose (35)

Place your clubs into the bag, grouping the woods together, the irons together, and chipping irons and putter together. Your balls, tees, and markers all go in a zippered pocket.


Answer by  burker72 (29)

There are likely three sections for the clubs. Put your woods in the top, irons in middle, and wedges and putter in the bottom. Pack plenty of balls and tees.


Answer by  Joe65 (10)

There's no required setup for your golf bag, it's up to the player. The one standard is woods in the top slot. Then set the irons up in descending distance from there. As long as the woods are on the top though, the rest is up to you.


Answer by  MasterAC (9)

Putter, lob wedge, sand wedge, pitching wedge, 9iron - 4iron, 3hybrid, 5wood, 3wood, Driver. The hybrid can be replaced with a 3iron or 7wood - hybrids are easier to hit though.

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