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Question by  Tracey (128)

What are proper air conditioner temperatures?

I need to know what to have my air conditioner set on.


Answer by  Lillian (87)

Temperature settings can vary depending on the age and energy efficiency of each home as well as the amount of shade the home receives. A general recommendation for summer temperature settings are 78 degrees and raising the temperature to 80 - 83 when away.


Answer by  Matt62 (36)

Most Air Conditioners are designed to be operated at 70 degrees F. This is determined usually by a book or program called Manuel J. If you wish for your home to be cooler than this a heating cooling and air conditioning specialist will be able to install a new bigger system.


Answer by  Bob19 (34)

Experts have recommended for years that air conditioner thermostats be set to 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer and heater thermostats should be set to 67 degrees in the winter. These temperatures keep the chamber at a comfortable room temperature year round while preventing energy waste and keeping costs low.

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