Question by  Guveneur (18)

What is proper etiquette for sending graduation announcements?


Answer by  Dontbugme (697)

When sending graduation announcements it's customary to mail them about a month in advance and primarily to close family and friends. A mass mailing to everyone you've ever known is considered in poor taste because it is basically a request for a gift.


Answer by  Marsha (2337)

Graduation announcements should be sent to all family and close family friends. You can also send one to anyone who sent you one. Send them to close neighbors. You just don't want to send them to everyone you know, or it may look like you are fishing for gifts.


Answer by  whizkid (95)

Send announcements to family and close friends, those who might want to send a gift but won't feel obligated or wonder if that's your intent. Make sure recipients understand if they can't be invited because seating area is small and invitations are limited.


Answer by  amiv (249)

Graduation announcements should be sent to family members and close friends only. Sending announcements to anyone outside that circle could give the impression that the sender is soliciting or hoping for gifts, which would be gauche.


Answer by  candy (76)

They may be sent as early as two weeks prior or two weeks after the ceremony. They should be sent in two envelopes; the outer envelope should be addressed in blue or black ink. The names should be written on the front of the inner envelope.

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