Question by  icehockeyfiend (25)

What is the proper care for an angel wing begonia plant?

I need to know how often to water a begonia plant and if they require direct sunlight.


Answer by  worker1235 (67)

It will not require direct sunlight, but requires partial light. Watering and keeping the soil moist promotes flowering. Don't let the soil dry out for days at a time.


Answer by  worker5380 (44)

Angel Wing Begonia's prefer consistent moisture. It is best to keep them well saturated and in an area with diffused lighting.


Answer by  worker7458 (12)

Begonias like sunlight, but firm sunlight at midday is to much. Sunlight until like 10 in the morning or after 5 in the afternoon is fine though. You should water them 2-3 times in the week, but take care, they should neither dry completely up nor "drown" in too much water.

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