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Question by  Hatsa (29)

Do i need a real estate license to sell real estate?

I would like to start a new job as a real estate agent, do I need a license to get started?


Answer by  Karen54 (971)

Yes, you will need a license. In most states you will need to attend a class before sitting for the exam. Most people align themselves with a local or national real estate firm that will sponsor them when taking the test. You would then be able to work at the firm to gain experience.


Answer by  drJ (841)

Yes - in order to sell real estate professionally, you need to take a series of classes and exams to receive a real estate license from your state.


Answer by  shorty (208)

every state is different but, in Massachusetts you need to pass your real estate license exam in order to sell or list any proprties legally.


Answer by  chelsit (52)

In most states a person does need to be a licensed realtor to sell real estate, or they can be fined by the state that they have sold the property.


Answer by  BoeZoe (136)

If you are an attorney in good standing for the state you sell real estate in, then it is not necessary to obtain & maintain a real estate sales license. Otherwise you generally have to keep a RE sales license current for the state you practice in to sell RE.

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