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Question by  Lore (174)

What is the process for the American Idol auditions?

I would like the process from start to finish, from when you arrive prior to getting your yellow ticket to getting to the final 24.


Answer by  hashbrown64 (221)

The initial auditions are in front of producers, and upwards of 90% of auditioners are cut. Then executive producers screen contestants, and pass some along to the judges.


Answer by  Audrey86 (261)

Go to the American Idol website to find out when and where auditions will be held. You'll have two days before the audition to register at the venue. On the day of, you'll be asked to sing in a small group in front of the producers. If you're good or particularly memorable, you'll go in front of the t.v. judges.


Answer by  BrandonAllin (968)

First it's a regional audition. If you're selected, you go to the semi-finals, followed by the finals. From there, it's a several week process as contestants are eliminated.


Answer by  ckechula (173)

Wait in line to recieve a number, then when your number is called you will then go into the room where the judges are. After that, you will sing in front of them and they decide if you make to the mext round.

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