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Question by  Alison (17)

What is the process for replacing a belt tensioner shield in a car?

I need a new belt tensioner shield for my car.


Answer by  spencerb (48)

I am familiar with Nissan tensioner sheilds and to replace those there are normally four clips that you pop out with a screwdriver.


Answer by  georidescom (93)

This is a part that you'll only be able to find from the dealer, and make sure you have your vin number ready when you talk to the parts department. Given it's just the shield, it should be very easy to replace, a few screws or bolts and you're done.


Answer by  princess88 (166)

Remove the passenger's front wheel, remove the shield, remove the upper motor mount, remove the belt. Raise the engine, remove top tensioner bolt. Remove bottom bolt, put new one.


Answer by  depika3 (156)

First ready to new belt and check quality and then analyse the what reason of damaging old belt and safely remove the old belt and then put to the new belt.

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