Question by  Heather81 (27)

What could be causing a squeaky belt on my car?

I have noticed that when I accelerate that one of my belts is squeaking.


Answer by  jkareckygmailcom (85)

A squeaky engine drive belt can be caused by a dried out or worn belt, a worn out idler pulley bearing or a tensioner pulley bearing.


Answer by  ckeller (104)

Improper alternator belt tension or a worn out alternator belt can cause the squeaking. Inspect your alternator belt for signs of wear. Look to see if your alternator belt has cracks. In the center of the alternator belt, push down with your thumb if it goes down more than an inch it needs adjusting.


Answer by  FrankG (23)

A squeaky belt is an indication of belt degradation. You should check your belts for cracking and wear. Belts should be replaced in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

Well it could be caused by either one of two things. Either the belt is old and hard causing it to slip or the belt is too loose. Inspect the belt to see if it need replace or needs to be re-tightened to factory specifications.

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