Question by  Tomg (129)

What is the price of gas in Sweden?

I am trying to make a budget for our upcoming trip to Sweden and need to know the average price of gas.


Answer by  worker2328 (52)

The price of gas in Sweden is currently $5. 80 based on the prices in Stockholm that price is in usd that is what the prices are reported in by CNN and other united states news and money organizations


Answer by  mbc123 (80)

My search on the internet, tells me that the approximate gas price in Sweden is approximately 3.71/gallon, which appears to be very similar to the United States.


Answer by  david68 (7)

Well gas prices in Sweden have reached the clouds,aproximately 13 kronor per litre,I think you might to look for an energy efficient car or stick to a motor scooter.So far fuel in Sweden is the cheapest in Europe.


Answer by  lexib228 (123)

The average price of petrol in Sweden is 12.68 per litre. This price is calculated in Sedish Krona, their native currency.


Answer by  TMyers (1084)

The current price of gas in Sweden, depending on where you are located, will most likely range somewhere between $7 and $8 per gallon in US currency or $4. 78 to $5. 48 in the Euro.


Answer by  nicholas34 (606)

first I would suggest that you speak with your agent that you are setting up the trip with so that you can determine the current prices

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