Question by  Dogg (7)

What is the personality of a miniature doberman pincher?


Answer by  mm143 (88)

Doberman pinchers are often overlooked as family pets, but the truth is they make great pets for the right family. Mini doberman pinchers have a great personality-they are very loyal to their owners. These dogs are easy to train, and they enjoy playing outside with their family. As with all pets, take care when you have small children.


Answer by  zeroAm (23)

Miniature pinchers are very active aggressive little dogs. They tend to think they are tougher than their size and may frequently pick fights with larger dogs. While they are very sweet and loving with the owner or person who is with them the most often, strangers or visitors may upset the dog and make it react aggressively.


Answer by  Jennifer76 (128)

Miniature doberman pinchers, or "minpins", are typically quite aggressive animals. They are not usually recommended for households with small children as they do have a tendency to snap at people.


Answer by  akpjjunk (11)

Miniature Doberman Pincher is very strong willed and a challenge to train they like to be in charge. They are extremely high strung and training should be done in short increments-they test your patience. Min PINs are energetic, feisty loyal and work best with one to two person families-


Answer by  Milette4 (900)

These dogs are curious, fearless, energetic, funny and good escape artists. Mini Doberman Pinschers do not like to be confined. It's dynamite in a small package and unless you train the dog well from a young age, he will challenge you territorially.


Answer by  KLR (606)

Miniature Doberman Pinschers is territorial, shows fearless animation and is very spirited. They also love attention. they can be trained but tend to be stubborn.

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