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Question by  Roddy66 (21)

What kind of muzzle do you get for a miniature horse to keep him from eating too much?

My miniature horse needs a good muzzle.


Answer by  Daisy (161)

Miniature horses have a tendency to over eat. This is really and I mean really bad for their feet. A good idea would be to only let your horse out to graze for an hour or two a day or to ration his feed. Muzzles for any size horse are very hard to come by.


Answer by  mick37 (0)

A grazing muzzle, shaped like a bucket, fits over the nose and mouth with a small hole in the bottom, restricting the amount of grass the horse can eat.


Answer by  ALoyd (31)

Look for a grazing/grass muzzle, sized and designed for miniature horses that attaches to the halter in a basket weave pattern so that water can still be consumed.


Answer by  Darlene (194)

You will have to get a grazing muzzle form him. Go to a feed store or order online the kind of muzzle that you need.

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