Question by  B30 (11)

What is the origin of soccer?


Answer by  marcel (7)

it was when people first started to kick stones or light round objects around. Once people saw that this was amusing others might start trying to take the ball away from them and that is where the competition started. Trees might have also been used as goals.


Answer by  RosieRose (18)

The origin of soccer can be traced to England in the year 1863, when football and rugby could not longer exist. The two associations splintered and soccer was born.


Answer by  StevieG (5)

Origin of soccer comes from England late in the 1800s centuries. From there, the game soccer have spread is now considered the best sport in the world.


Answer by  perico (3)

The soccer is a sport that was created in england in the high schools. This sport was practicated by students.

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