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Question by  Jim12 (18)

Is there a medication that will result in a dog going into heat?

I would like to give my dog a medication to make her go into heat.


Answer by  Romeo318 (19)

There has been no safe proven or consistent method to induce heat in a female dog. Female dogs are in heat every six to eight months. Heat cycles last can last anywhere from two to four weeks. If you are concerned about your female dog about not coming into heat, contact your vet.


Answer by  meghanaugust (13)

There are some medicines that can help with that. But you should discuss it with your vet due to the risks and if there are problems. Also its good to note that some of those medicines are not safe or proven to work. As i stated before talk to your vet about options to help your dog go into heat.


Answer by  Lottadogs (1258)

There are several medications that will bring a dog into heat outside of her normal cycle. The problem with all of them is that the dog may go in heat and not ovulate (produce ripe eggs) so she will never get pregnant. These medications can also disrupt the normal cycle so it never gets back on track.


Answer by  Sael (313)

There are medications to induce a heat cycle, but they are fairly dangerous and the dog may not cycle properly after the induced heat cycle. These drugs also tend to be expensive, and they can only be prescribed by a veterinarian. Most dogs will cycle naturally twice a year, approximately six months apart.


Answer by  FishGal88 (351)

Hormone injections may be given to a dog at a veterinarian's office to induce a a heat cycle, but they are still highly experimental in canines.


Answer by  nepenthe (39)

A vet can prescribe a hormone treatment that can make an unspayed female dog go into heat. But please be aware before you breed your dog. Shelters are already overflowing, so please don't add to the problem.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Its best to wait for your dog to go into heat on its own. Dogs go into heat during specific times to cater to their breed.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have used Cabergoline in several female dogs with really excellent results, they come into heat in about 2-3 weeks and I have had large litters of 10 with it!

Reply by hillside (0):
Cabergoline? Can you tell me our dosing? Once, twice? How many CC/MG's?  add a comment
Reply by jeh20082008 (0):
I am seeking information as to how many cabergoline pills do i give per day , and for how many days?????  add a comment

Answer by  jeh20082008 (0)

I would like to know what mg , of cabergoline and how many dosages a day , and for how many days , do i need to give my doberman females cabergoline , to make them get pregnant??? please let me hear some advise ??

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