Question by  omegasahak (7)

Where can I find scarf holders?

I have a collection of scarf's and need a holder for them.


Answer by  ashleydoll (93)

You should do arts and crafts and make them yourself. Go to Home Depot and get scraps of wood. Glue together with hot glue gun. Spray paint.


Answer by  jenniferl (14)

There are many places you can purchase scarf holders. Local craft stores sell scarf holders as well as many internet websites have these available for purchase. If you have a little extra time you can make your own scarf holder. Many do it yourself websites have instructions posted with photos.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

I would try contacting a clothing retail furniture supplier, any company that sells clothing racks and shelving etc. to clothing stores. I have also seen them in China town displaying silk scarves. If you are still are unable to locate one I'm sure a local carpenter would be glad to fabricate one for you at a reasonable cost.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

Usually you can find scarf holders at stores like ross, marshalls, tjmax, and stores like that. You can also make your own by getting the supplies at a craft supply store like michaels and decorating it yourself and making it the size that you need for your big collection of scarf's.

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