Question by  Aparna (14)

What is the meaning of a black star tattoo?


Answer by  jhibnes (35)

While everyone seems to have their own personal interpretation of what a black star tattoo symbolises, the main theory is that it represents the North Star, a lucky and guiding light.


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

There is no set meaning, though in the 40's and 50's a star tattooed on the wrist was a sign of homosexuality. Now it is common amongst punks.


Answer by  TheDome (19)

Actually there are two meanings, both a bit old. In nautical tradition the black star tattoo is a symbol of navigation as in the North Star. The second meaning is from the homosexual sub culture of the 40's and 50's. In that culture the wearer identified themselves as a homosexual


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

A solid black star really has no meaning. Perhaps it is just an adaptation of the old nautical star tattoo. More than likely though it is just design the person liked or has it own meaning for them.

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