Question by  mayfairmadam (16)

What is the meaning behind tattoos of crosses?

My niece has 3 cross tattoos.


Answer by  CJ42 (6)

Cross tattoos can mean a variety of things. On a basic level, they can symbolize christian faith. They can also symbolize suffering or sacrifice.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Cross tattoos are very often religious in meaning. If your niece belongs to a religion, it is most likely related to that. Otherwise, she might have just liked it.


Answer by  kjgoulet (460)

Cross tattoos are usually about religion or even in memory of a loved one who has passed. Sometimes people just get them cause they look cool.


Answer by  Amierz (46)

Crosses are often associated with the religion of Christianity. Further variations are Celtic crosses which symbolize spiritual links and tribal crosses which pay respects to ancestors.


Answer by  Sara66 (9)

A cross can mean different things. But in general in means that you are a christian. And the cross symbolises god.

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